Il Castello - Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery was established in 1964 and it is specialized in non-figurative abstract art and Pop Art.

The Gallery Il Castello – Modern and Contemporary Art was established in Milan by Guido Conte. It exhibits the artworks of one of the most important both Italian and non-Italian artists of the 20th century. In 1968 the owner decided to move the gallery from via Ciovasso into via Brera 16, located in the Brera district, which is one of the most evocative in Milan, once populated mainly by artists and bohemians. During that time, the gallery was focused on the contemporary art and Avant-garde artists of the ‘60s, thus, the owner managed to build not only work-relationships but also friendships with numerous Italian artists, such as Crippa, Dova, Guttuso, Lazzaro, Migneco, Morlotti, Peverelli, Scanavino and others, who were regularly visiting the Brera district. Over the years, the gallery has organized numerous and worth remembering exhibitions, like those ones dedicated to Ottone Rosai (1968 and 1973), Filippo De Pisis (1968), Felice Carena (1969), Felice Casorati (1970), Victor Vasarely (1973), Ardengo Soffici (1979), Mario Sironi (1980) and Walter Lazzaro (1991). To promote its artists, the gallery published numerous catalogues, for instance, the monograph of artworks of Ottone Rosai in 1973, and the first volume of the catalogue with artworks of Joseph Migneco in 1975. At the end of the ‘80s, Adriano and Marcello Conte, sons of the founder, started working in the gallery. In 1993 they established their own company - “Il Castello - Arte Moderna e Contemporanea”. To honor the great work of Guido Conte, over the years the gallery was displaying artworks of numerous artists, distinctly important for the 20th century, such as: Mark Kostabi (1995), Emilio Tadini (1996), Gianni Dova (1997), Giulio Turcato (1999), Roberto Crippa (2000), Ennio Morlotti (2002), Piero Dorazio (2003), Piero Gilardi (2004), Agostino Ferrari (2005), Joan Mirò (2006), Lucio Fontana (2007), Gianni Dova (2008), Giuseppe Capogrossi (2008), Victor Vasarely (2009), Walter Valentini (2010), Mario Schifano (2010), Andy Warhol (2011) and Keith Haring (2011). Through the work of Conte brothers, several contemporary artists, such as Alfonso Bonavita, Willy Verginer, Matteo Pugliese, Carla Bedini, Dario Brevi, Sergio Fermariello, Agostino Ferrari, Piero Gilardi and Francesco Vitali, became even more popular. The gallery has its own archive with artworks of numerous well known artists of the 20h century, in particular, artworks of the maestro Gianni Dova. Il Castello provides valuations for private collections and resells contemporary artworks as well.